CDB Introduction

The Central Design Bureau for Medical and Health Buildings (CDB) established 48 years back has been ever since providing the Health Infra-structure for the masses of this nation. Starting from a humble set-up, it has grown into an organisation with the technical know-how of the most intricate nature desired in the planning of Health Care Facilities. Ever since its inception this organisation has been bridging the gap between the Health Service Provision and the needs of the vast population of this nation by adding thousands of beds in various hospitals in India and also by building Health Facilities, from the grass-root level to the super-speciality institutes. The services of this organisation has spread not only all over the country but to other neighbouring developing nations like Afghanistan, Nepal etc. CDB as it is commonly known is a part of the DGHS, Ministry of Health & Family Welfare, Govt. of India. This organisation was established to provide Consultancy Services to not only Ministry of Health but other Ministries and Autonomous bodies desirous of established Health Care Facilities or Health Care related facilities. Under its clientele it has besides Ministry of Health, Ministries of Labour, External Affairs, Home Affairs and Defence. In addition to this CDB has a long list of Automomous bodies under its banner. CDB also plays an important part as advisors to the DGHS and Ministry of Health in the field of Area Projects. These projects being financed by the International Funding Agencies. This department also provides its services for Grant-in-aid proposals offered by the Ministry of Health to various states.