Disease Alerts

Disease Alert
S No. Title Link Document
1 Rare Diseases
  • Constitution of the Central Technical Committee for Rare Diseases. (312.67 KB)
  • Instructions for applying for financial assistance for rare diseases. (327.07 KB)
  • Constitution of the Inter Ministerial Advisory Committee for Rare Diseases. (1.5 MB)
  • National Policy for Treatment of Rare Diseases. (238.36 KB)
  • Procedure to apply for Financial Assistance (864.58 KB)
2 Chikungunya
    3 Yellow Fever
    • International Health Under DGHS (620.35 KB)
    • Advisory for Passengers Coming to India from Yellow Fever Endemics Countries (204.92 KB)
    • Updated List of Yellow Fever Endemic Countries by WHO (191.19 KB)
    4 Dengue
      5 Advisories on (EVD) Ebola Virus Disease
        6 Mers-CoV
        • Advisory to Travellers who have travelled to Saudi Arabia, Republic of Korea and/or any other affected countries (447.83 KB)
        • MERS Fact sheet (124.7 KB)
        • Advisory for Airlines for flights from Saudi Arabia, Republic of Korea and other MERS-CoV affected countries (275.35 KB)
        • Affected countries 26 countries have reported cases of MERS (7.28 KB)
        7 Ports & Airports
        • Advisories for International Travellers Traveling to Polio Affected Countries (1.33 MB)
        • Advisory for International Travellers travelling to yellow Fever Endemic Countries (189.65 KB)
        • List of Polio Affected Countries (167.13 KB)
        8 Seasonal Influenza
        9 National Guidelines for Zika Virus disease
        • Guidelines on Zika Virus Disease following Epidemic in Brazil and other countries of America (311.01 KB)
        • Guidelines for integrated vector Management for control of AEDES mosquito (432.67 KB)
        • Do's and dont's Zika Virus Disease (243.78 KB)
        • Zika Virus Fact Sheet (210.23 KB)
        • Guidelines for laboratory detection & diagnosis of Zika Virus diseases (883.29 KB)
        • Travel Advisory Zika Virus Disease (157.62 KB)